Best Ideas For Bathroom Renovation In Low Cost

Best Ideas For Bathroom Renovation In Low Cost

July 11, 2020 Off By Jeremy Dawes

Solutions that you can use to reform and give a new look to your home.How many times have you thought or dreamed of Bathroom Renovation? There are many arrangements that you can make without the need for works. Today I want to share with you  5 low cost DIY to renovate the bathroom , 5 ideas of the most economic and easy to carry out so that you can start the year with a different, current and stylish bathroom. How? Do not miss these proposals that I show you today.

Renew Your Mirror :

I suggest that you change the mirror in your Bathroom Renovation, for one that looks more natural and low-cost. For this you only need a flat tray made of natural fiber, a mirror that can be the Ikea Ekne model (€ 14.99), a rope and silicone. For your new mirror, with a cutter you must remove the mirror frame. Then add silicone to the mirror to be able to stick it to the natural fiber tray and with the help of a rope tie it making a loop to hang it. It’s that easy and cheap! A highly recommended Ikea Hack . What do you think of the proposal?

The order is key in any room of your house and the bathroom (and if it is small) is fundamental. In the market you can find many proposals for baskets for dirty clothes. Today I want to offer you a low cost DIY so that you can adapt it to your style and taste. The key is to choose a fabric that suits the style you want to give your Bathroom Renovation, the rest is sewing and singing (and never better said). What type of bags or baskets do you use to maintain order in your bathroom?

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

How many beauty, makeup and perfume products do you have in your Bathroom Renovation? I imagine quite a few (like the vast majority of girls). Sometimes it doesn’t happen that you have all of them in one drawer and you get nervous when you look for one and you have to remove half a drawer; If the answer is YES, this low cost DIY interests you. From a cardboard box and rope you can create different containers to organize all your beauty products. A very simple, economic and easy idea to make to add a natural touch to your bathroom .

Storage For The Bathroom Renovation :

How many times have you thought about buying a piece of furniture or accessories to store the different products and items you have in your Bathroom Renovation? In the market you can find many solutions for this; But if you like crafts and you are one of the handmade, this DIY low cost will delight you. From pieces of plywood you can create a piece of furniture to store your products. The good thing about this DIY is that you can adapt it to your space and needs. You dare?

Renew Your Hanging Lights :

Lighting is key in any room in your house, good lighting can completely change the appearance of the space. In this last low cost DIY I suggest that if you have some pendant lamps you change and renew their appearance very easily and economically. How? Using baskets of natural fibers as a screen. If you like natural-style spaces, this proposal will enchant you and the end result is most surprising. You dare?