Accommodation: How do I find one that suits me?

Accommodation: How do I find one that suits me?

June 11, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

It’s the time! You are going to plan your vacation. Very nice of course, but booking accommodation can still be quite difficult. Because what do you want? Are you going to book a hotel with plenty of luxury or do you opt for a practical hostel with only the real necessities? All types of accommodations have their pros and cons. We list them all so that you can find the accommodation that suits you perfectly.


Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Large-scale, small-scale, luxury, or budget. So you have quite a choice. Hotels offer the most luxurious accommodations. You (often) get an extensive breakfast buffet and your room is cleaned for you.

Some people think that this also means that a hotel is expensive. But this certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Take a look at our wide range of hotel offers. Here you will find many types of hotels for a competitive price! Luxury, design, culinary or child-friendly: there is something for everyone. For example, choose a Secret Hotel or a Last-minute hotel. Or go cheaply and save money to do fun things in the area.


Do you like a personal touch? Then this is the perfect choice for you! A Bed and Breakfast usually only has a few rooms, so the hostess/husband has plenty of time to make you feel welcome.

During breakfast, you feel the homely atmosphere and you can chat with the hostess/husband or other guests. A B&B is the right place for a combination of conviviality and tranquility. There is a lot of choice between different types of B&Bs.


Do you want to stay cheap? A hostel offers functionally furnished rooms for a budget price. Of course, it is not luxury, but with a hostel, you can stay cheaply in a good location. This way you can easily explore the city. Keep in mind that hostels are often noisier than hotels and that you sometimes have to share a room with other guests.


An apartment is an accommodation for you if you want to combine luxury with freedom. You have more facilities at your disposal than in a hostel, B&B, or a hotel. For example, you often have a kitchenette or a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. So you can decide for yourself what you eat for breakfast. And what time you eat of course. So you can sleep in! Are you going on holiday with a group of friends or are you taking the kids out with you? An apartment is often cheaper and it is even more fun! All sit down at the table and discuss together in the sitting area.


Whether you’re looking for a hotel for a city trip or a B&B in the mountains, location is super important. The location largely determines how successful your holiday will be. I myself notice that I always spend more time outside the accommodation than in it. If this also applies to you, the location may be even more important than the accommodation itself. 

During a city trip, it is good to check the distance to the center. Are you looking for a hotel near the popular sights or the shopping streets? Or do you prefer to stay in a quiet neighborhood? Also, check whether there are good connections with public transport. A hotel in a quiet area near a metro stop can be ideal. That way you are quickly in the center, but you can relax in peace in the evening.

For accommodation in nature, it is a good idea to pay attention to accessibility. Can you get there easily by car? Or is there public transport in the area? When you book a B&B or apartment, you can check whether there are supermarkets nearby, so that you can easily do your shopping. These are all important questions to look for an answer to in advance. It is a shame to find out during your holiday that certain facilities are at a great distance.