Motorcycle: Why avoid driving in the rain

Motorcycle: Why avoid driving in the rain

October 23, 2020 0 By Joan Padilla

The motorcycle is an extremely practical means of transport to move around the city, not only for the ease of overtaking but also for finding parking. 

For this reason, those who have tried to drive a motorcycle are very likely not to want to give it up.  However, despite all the advantages, when it rains it is not at all pleasant to move in this way. It is best to leave the motorcycle parked on rainy days and opt for the car or public transport since the risk of suffering an incident increases when the first drops of precipitation fall.  

Dangers of driving a motorcycle in the rain 

  • When it rains, the adhesion of the ground is reduced by half compared to dry pavement. Taking into account that has two wheels as a fulcrum, there is a greater chance of losing your grip on the asphalt. 
  • In the case of light rains or when the first drops fall, riding a becomes a risky adventure, as the water mixes with the dirt on the road and forms a highly slippery film. 
  • Like the aquaplaning effect in cars, the same thing happens when moving on. Therefore, if you have no choice but to take to go to work or anywhere else, avoid going over puddles. 
  • The rain also turns seemingly harmless elements of the road into real traps. This is the case, for example, of sewers or pedestrian crossings that when wet can cause motorcycles to skid, thus increasing the risk of falling. 
  • Under normal conditions, a motorcycle needs more stopping distance to stop than a car, so when driving in the rain, it is important to increase safety in this regard. In this way, you can avoid an impact if you have to stop unexpectedly and at the same time be splashed by the water released by the wheels of the vehicle in front. 
  • Rainfall is a determining factor that slows down any movement. In addition to traveling at fewer kilometers per hour, it is also necessary to perform maneuvers more smoothly so as not to compromise stability. 
  • When driving a motorcycle in the rain, it is essential to take into account how to brake, balancing the rear brake and the front brake to prevent the wheels from locking and to be able to reduce speed without any risk. Likewise, it must be considered that heavy rains can end up penetrating the brake discs, forming a layer that will prevent the motorcycle from stopping under normal conditions. 
  • It is quite common for more traffic jams to form in the city on rainy days. This type of situation places motorcycles in a disadvantageous position since they can go almost unnoticed with the consequent danger that this entails.  
  • Another impediment that arises during rainy days is low visibility due to the lack of light, together with the mist that forms on the motorcyclists’ helmets due to the difference in temperature between the exterior and the air that is expelled when breathing. 
  • Do not forget the possibilities that exist of arriving soaked at the destination when riding a motorcycle in the rain. Even if you wear the right waterproof clothing, you don’t have enough protection to avoid getting wet.

 As you can see, there are more than enough reasons not to drive a motorcycle on rainy days. However, if you decide otherwise, it is essential to travel accompanied by the most complete motorcycle spare parts possible to resolve any incident. They carry over 5,000 parts or supplies and they are continually increasing their range. If it’s not on the shelf, they will try to get it for you. They stock genuine reproduction parts.

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