Business Coach, 4 Tips before hiring

Business Coach, 4 Tips before hiring

July 29, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

As an entrepreneur and business coach, I would like to warn you before hiring a business coach, whether you are an entrepreneur, high-level manager, or self-employed.

If you don’t want to throw your money away. If you are looking for a profitable investment in a relationship with a coach, be sure to read the following four tips.

#1: You think you know better than anyone how to do it

 If the goal of surrounding yourself with a business coach is to follow new trends or to tell you that what you do is excellent. If you are only looking for approval for what you already know, or believe you know, coaching is not for you. Save your money and keep going. You have a recipe that works and you don’t want to evolve just yet, that’s fine. You are profitable and your life is good. To be coached, you have to be open to new ideas and try new experiences. First and foremost, you have to have an open mind.

#2: The business coach wants more than you

It has happened to me, during a few mandates, to want more than the company that hires me. The excellent coach invests in the relationship with the person who hires him and who must be supported. For example, we hire you to make a Playbook and to system the best sales practices of the company to increase sales, but the leaders are investing little or not at all, then there will be a problem. 

The coach is not there to build the methods, he is there to listen, guide, validate, but in the end, it is the involvement of management and the person being coached that will make the difference. It is she who must deliver between meetings. Otherwise, a consultant is more appropriate. He writes one or more reports. These reports may be of use to you if that is what you are looking for. The coach will provide you with listening and guidance so that you can make decisions. It is your success. The coach is only part of the equation. I often repeat that in professional sport there is no coach who scores points.

#3: The person is out of place

It happened to me, in a mandate, to have to coach a store manager who was a sales champion. Rarely does this work. In addition, most of the time it ends with the person leaving and you lose a sales ace on the team. The skills for one position are not the same as for the other. As in everything, there can be exceptions, but they usually prove the rule.

#4: The company or the person does not have time for this gibberish, such as values, for example.

Too many people don’t live by their values. Unless it’s clear, I always start with this aspect in my business coaching relationships. If the entrepreneur, self-employed person, manager, and senior management don’t take this seriously, I recommend not hiring someone like me and you save money.

The goal of a business coach is to guide you, but above all to help you find the best solutions and practices that will allow you to grow as an individual. Thus, your growth will be reflected by all kinds of factors and you will come out of such a relationship growing up. Your business will only grow better, and that’s all thanks to you and your team.

Also, if you don’t want to organize yourself to find the time to build a trusting relationship in coaching, forget about it. A coaching relationship takes time. It takes an effort. We try to work on ourselves and on the business. It is a time to reflect. A step back to move faster.

In Conclusion:

If you answer yes to any of the above four rules, save your money. Otherwise, invest in a relationship with a business coach and you will quickly see the benefits. The goal is to grow, like the tree, and to remain flexible so as not to break during storms. Because at sea as on land, the weather is fine, and sooner or later there are thunderstorms. Prepare yourselves!