Choose Your Best  Engagement Rings And Diamond

Choose Your Best Engagement Rings And Diamond

July 29, 2020 Off By Joan Padilla

The choice between engagement rings is vast, today we focus on diamonds. You will find them in all sizes and at all prices so how do you navigate?

Why A Diamond?

The diamond has always been favored for the engagement rings because it represents eternity, indeed it is the most solid precious stone and whatever the color or the size, its brilliance surpasses all other precious stones.

Although available in several tones (white, gray, black, yellow, brown and even blue) the white diamond remains the favorite because its very luminous color will go wonderfully with any color of metal or other stone. It is therefore a safe and timeless choice.

The Different Qualities And Colors Of Diamond Engagement Rings.

You have certainly noticed the big price differences between the stones, this is justified by the quality of the diamond ring and its size. This is determined by two essential factors, color and quality.

So Which Diamond To Choose? 

If your budget allows it, you can choose a solitaire with a quality diamond, it is the most classic choice is timeless

For example a nice solitaire in yellow gold with a rose cut diamond, classic but not too much thanks to this old diamond cut which is back very much in fashion:

engagement rings

If you have a limited budget but want a quality stone, you can opt for thin rings such as mini solitaires, their finesse will easily combine with other jewelry and with a future fine alliance. this kind of engagement rings is also ideal for a person who is not very jewel and who is rather looking for something discreet.

And finally if you are looking for something original, you can explore unique pieces with original diamonds such as gray, black, pepper and salt or Icy diamond ring which are diamonds with inclusions or darker colors but which retain a excellent shine. These diamonds are very good products because they allow you to choose larger stones with lower blow than white diamonds, moreover their originality is very popular at the moment.