Commercial Printers: What these modern printers can do?

Commercial Printers: What these modern printers can do?

January 8, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

The possibilities of a modern 3D printer are almost endless and such devices are used not only for making souvenirs and toys at home but also in some industries. Commercial printers are used extensively for jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, and even construction. Modern 3D printer technology is simply impressive. Developers are able to recreate in detail not only the outer but also the inner shell of the part models, which can be used in various production facilities. 

Projet 1500

The Projet 1500 commercial printers are perfect for modern offices. Its ease of use greatly enhances the performance of the team. The core business of Projet 1500 is the creation of plastic parts for testing and simulation. The device prints in 6 colors, providing a high level of detail and smoothness of the surface. To change the color palette, just change the cartridge. 

The scope of these commercial printers is much wider than it might seem at first glance. The device is capable of printing high strength parts that are suitable for testing. The minimum part size is 0.25 mm. For example, manufacturers of various mechanisms can create a part in preliminary testing. The cost of the printer is about 770,000 dollars.

Thus, the Projet 1500 can be used in the following production areas:

  • Making Models Suitable for Testing
  • In the field of printing functional parts
  • Prototyping
  • Layout creation

ZPrinter 650

The color version of the commercial ZPrinter 650 is also great for both the office and the development lab. If you need to make high-quality color models using a free or professional program, then we recommend this particular 3D printer model. Among the main advantages of this device is the very high speed of operation. The main business of these commercial printers is prototyping. 

Most often, this model can be seen in educational institutions. Apparently, the ease of use of this printer attracts modern educators. In order to start working with the device, you need to import a file with a model in STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS, or ZPR format. It doesn’t matter if the object is larger than the camera. In this case, it is enough to simply remove the model from different sides. The cost of the ZPrinter 650 is 2.850 dollars.

3D Dimension Elite

3D Dimension Elite Commercial Printers designed for building small objects. However, its main advantage is not size, but print accuracy. That is why it can be used in the field of prototyping and creating small parts of various mechanisms. ABS Plus plastic is used as a consumable. The printer can also be applied in the field of concept modeling and direct manufacturing of parts for medical equipment and even electronics. 

If you need to print a complex 3D model or a functional model of a part, then you just need to press print on the printer and transfer the CAD file into “reality”. In a few hours, the plastic prototype will be ready for testing. Consumables are stacked in layers and after the object is ready, you do not even need to wait for the part to cool or harden. The 3D Dimension Elite is priced at $ 30,000. This commercial printer is perfectly suited for a medical institution or a research laboratory.

Envisiontec aureus

The Envisiontec Aureus 3D commercial printers are great for jewelry prototyping. The device uses special wax and polymers as consumables, which allows achieving a very high level of detail. If you want to get a part or prototype of extremely high quality, then this version of the printer is the best suited for these purposes. In addition, Envisiontec Aureus is quite easy to learn and therefore often used in educational institutions. The cost of this model is about 500,000 dollars.


If you are looking for the most affordable 3D commercial printers model, then Objet24 is the best option. The compact size allows this model to be installed on a desktop or office. With such a printer, engineers can print realistic models or do prototyping. 

All printed models will have an excellent level of detail. The printer uses ABS plastic, which is highly durable. Note that all models can be colored or used as models to test various mechanisms. The cost of Objet24 can be different, but the price varies within 500,000 dollars. Of course, with such a printer it will not be possible to recreate a full-sized part, but it is quite possible to make a small-sized part with a high level of detail.

Today, commercial printers are actively used in various industries and industries. If earlier they were used exclusively for prototyping and creating layouts of architectural projects, today 3D printing may well reproduce a solid part that will replace the metal version. This means that modern plastics have finally reached the level of strength that can be used in manufacturing.