Decorative shutters – PLASTIC

Decorative shutters – PLASTIC

July 8, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

If you have plastic frames in your home, but you are looking for an option too, for example, to have more privacy in your home, then it may be interesting to opt for plastic decorative shutters. Of course, such shutters not only have the function of increasing privacy in your home, but they can also really darken a room, for example, and ensure that the heat is kept outside during the hot summer months. 

It is mainly the excellent durability and the limited maintenance that ensures that more and more people choose to provide plastic decorative shutters in their homes. Do you also play with this thought, but would you first like more information about the different options and the costs involved? We are happy to list all this information regarding plastic decorative shutters for you.

Different types of plastic decorative shutters

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of plastic decorative shutters on the market. If you wish to invest in such shutters today, you will therefore have to make a choice from one of the following options:

Choice 1: Frame shutters

The first option is so-called frame hatches. These hatches are available in two different versions. You can choose to use the variant with open slats or the version with closed slats. The so-called frame profile with which the frame hatch is equipped has a width of 80 mm and a depth of 35 mm. The frame is then filled using slats.

Choice 2: Shelf hatches

The second option is so-called planchet hatches. These hatches have sturdy boards with a thickness of 24mm, which ensures that a hatch is created that stands out, to say the least. When we compare the construction of the shelf hatch with that of the frame hatch, we see that it is almost completely the same, except for one difference, namely the filling. When you opt for shelf hatches, you can provide them with both a horizontal and a vertical filling, which is unfortunately not possible with framed hatches.

Choice 3: Shutters with adjustable slats

A third option that is perhaps more popular today than ever is the shutters with adjustable slats. These slats have a standard size of 66/16 and have a plastic rubber seal on the side.

Choice 4: Arched shutters

The fourth option is so-called arched shutters. After all, plastic shutters have the unique advantage that they can be made to measure in terms of shape. In other words, do you have arched windows in your home and would you like to have access to plastic shutters of a similar shape? Then that’s no problem at all! We already know that plastic frames have excellent versatility and that clearly also applies to plastic decorative shutters.

Choice 5: Louvre shutters

The fifth and last option is not one that has a practical, but mainly a visual function. So-called Louvre shutters are plastic decorative shutters that cannot be closed. They are a nice addition to the plastic frames on the outside of the house, but that’s about it. Just because Louvre shutters do not have hinges, among other things, they are a lot cheaper compared to the other plastic decorative shutters that we introduced to you earlier.

How much do plastic decorative shutters cost?

The cost price charged for synthetic decorative shutters depends on various factors. First of all, there are the dimensions that the decorative shutters have, but in addition, the type of shutter also plays an important role. We have already listed some costs for you with regard to buying plastic decorative shutters.

As already indicated, the above are only average costs. They are still influenced by the dimensions that your plastic decorative shutters must have and the cost price can also differ considerably depending on the company that supplies them. Carrying out a comparison is always worthwhile in this area and will always provide you with an attractive (extra) financial advantage!

The advantages of plastic decorative shutters

The above already gives you a good idea of ​​the average cost that you should take into account with synthetic decorative shutters. Before buying such decorative shutters, however, it is important to have a good idea of ​​the advantages that are precisely associated with them. In other words, why should you choose plastic decorative shutters instead of wooden or aluminum shutters? We have listed the many advantages of synthetic decorative shutters for you:

  • Light, but very sturdy. Despite the fact that plastic decorative shutters are very light (and therefore relatively easy to install), they are also very sturdy. This ensures that they form the perfect protection for your windows. Moreover, they are not so susceptible to the weather, so that damage will not immediately arise.
  • Excellent durability. Plastic frames have a lifespan of approximately 50 years. This applies not only to the frames, but also to the plastic decorative shutters that can be found on the market. Although some other hatches have a longer lifespan, 50 years is of course not nothing.
  • Easy to maintain. The last thing you need as a homeowner is buying decorative shutters that require very regular maintenance. This will not only cost you a lot of time, but also a lot of money if you want to outsource the maintenance.
  • Available in the most diverse colours. Plastic decorative shutters are available in all possible colours. You just have to keep in mind that some companies may charge an additional fee for certain specific colors. Due to the huge range of colours, it is in any case perfectly possible to find decorative plastic shutters that perfectly match the style of your home.

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