Diamond: How to distinguish a real from a fake?

Diamond: How to distinguish a real from a fake?

November 25, 2020 Off By Rob Prosser

There are no analogs of a diamond, that is, precious stones with identical properties. For the manufacture of jewelry, artificially made stones are used, which outwardly very much resemble diamond.

Such stones are much cheaper and do not have appropriate certificates. Although outwardly they are almost indistinguishable from diamond, there are several ways to distinguish diamonds from cubic zirconia or moissanite.

Professional methods

Jewelers assess authenticity using complex physical and chemical methods. Thermal conductivity and light reflection, density, and mass of the stone are measured. The presence of the smallest defects and inclusions is determined under a microscope. The stone is translucent in ultraviolet radiation.

Traditional methods of verifying the authenticity of the stone

You can evaluate the signs of the authenticity at home:

  • if you breathe on a diamond, it will not fog up;
  • fat leaves a wide strip on natural stone, and collects in drops on moissanite or cubic zirconia;
  • if you run the edge of the diamond on the glass, a scratch will remain;
  • diamonds sink in water, floating stones are glass or moissanite.

When buying diamond jewelry in a store, you should pay attention to the presence of a certificate from the GIA. Diamond is always set inexpensive metals – platinum or gold, the fineness of the metal is always indicated. In the store, these data are indicated on the tag in the form of a code:

  • the first number indicates the number of stones;
  • next comes the alphanumeric designation of the shape of the cut and the number of faces;
  • the next digit of the marking is the total carat weight;
  • fractions indicate color and clarity;
  • the last letter denotes the cut grade.

Healing properties

The gemstone has properties that allow it to be used to treat certain diseases. The first to use it for this purpose were the ancient Hindus, who discovered a miraculous mineral. They were treated not only for diseases of internal organs, but also for mental disorders.

Later, when the teaching of lithotherapy appeared, adherents of alternative medicine began to use diamonds for treatment and prevention in such cases:

  • Central nervous system disorder: depression, apathy, fears, insomnia, schizophrenia.
  • Headaches of various etiology, migraine.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, venous complications.
  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
  • Senile dementia, sclerosis, amnesia.
  • Respiratory tract diseases: bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis.
  • Inflammatory processes in the joints: rheumatism, arthritis, bursitis, gout, arthrosis, osteochondrosis.
  • Bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
  • Relief of pain.
  • Lesion of the skin.

In addition, in folk medicine, diamonds are used to treat colds and as an antipyretic agent. There are known cases of the use of this mineral as an antidote for intoxication with poisons.

Properties and uses of diamonds

In terms of physical properties, they are identical. In terms of beauty, it is much superior to a natural crystal. Treated stones are used only for decorative purposes – making jewelry, souvenirs.

Some people endow with magical and healing properties. Therefore, the jewel is used for healing, conducting magical rites.

Physical properties

Like a diamond, is made up of carbon atoms. Chemical formula – C. Atoms are arranged in a strict order, forming cubes.

The density is 3.47-4.55 grams per cubic centimeter. The hardness is 10 on the Mohs scale – it is the hardest substance. At the same time, it is quite fragile, it can be broken by hitting it hard with a heavy object.

The melting point under normal conditions is 4000 degrees. In a vacuum, it burns out at 700-900 degrees.

Healing properties

It is actively used in lithotherapy. This is a branch of medicine that uses stones to heal. Lithotherapists believe that the jewel has the following healing properties:

  • reduction of headache;
  • increased mood;
  • improving the quality of sleep, eliminating insomnia and nightmares;
  • strengthening the heart muscle, normalizing pressure;
  • improving the condition of the skin, hair, and nails.

To reveal the healing properties, experts recommend wearing a stone on the left hand or in the area of ​​the heart. It is useful to drink the water in which it lays.

Magical properties

The diamond is the king of all precious stones. Therefore, it must belong to a strong and powerful person. The magical properties of it have been known for a long time.

Sages and mediums endow the following qualities:

  • the stone brings good luck to the soldiers, protects them from death in battle;
  • enhances human energy, moreover, not only positive but also negative;
  • strengthens the health of the owner;
  • improves communication skills;
  • gives charm to the owner.

The diamond is a symbol of love. The custom of giving a girl a diamond ring as a sign of engagement is based on the ability of the stone to protect the owner from evil intentions towards him.

The magical properties of diamonds are most evident if the owner has pure and good thoughts. If a person is plotting evil, his plans will be frustrated and turn against him.