Drivers must have these

Drivers must have these

July 14, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Truck drivers spend many hours behind the wheel and the truck cab is not only a workplace for them, but also becomes a second home. It is here that you can rest before the onward journey, and therefore it is worth equipping it properly so that you do not get bored while driving and drive the vehicle in a pleasant and safe way.

1. Drivers: Straight to the goal – good quality maps

Probably most drivers use car navigation, which is a really great convenience when traveling. Before embarking on a tour, you definitely need to remember to update the application with maps and accurately calculate the route, taking into account any tonnage restrictions. Modern navigation systems enable constant monitoring of the route and present traffic reports and fuel consumption. It is also an increase in driving comfort because you can immediately see the nearest motorway exit, gas stations, parking lots, or motels.

Experienced drivers also recommend taking traditional maps, which can be used as an aid in the event of any problems with finding the destination or navigation failure.

2. Drivers: Stop hunger, or the art of preparing a meal

It is difficult to concentrate on driving when you are hungry and thirsty, so the equipment of the truck should include accessories for storing and preparing a meal. After all, it is not always possible and willing to eat in roadside bars or at a gas station, especially outside our country. A car refrigerator with a 12 V socket will be useful so that the products do not deteriorate quickly. You can keep your favorite dairy products or meat and even some fruit in the refrigerator.

It is also worth thinking about a tourist cooker, thanks to which you can eat something hot and diversify the menu a bit. Models for gas cartridges turn out to be extremely practical. They do not take up much space and are quite efficient. If the truck cabin is really spacious, you can also use a cooker connected to the gas cylinder with a rubber hose. For quick and trouble-free preparation of a meal, other accessories are also necessary, above all a pot, a small frying pan, a board and a sharp cutting knife, a plate, a can opener, and cutlery. It is good to have paper towels or wet wipes in the cabin. Water cannot be forgotten.

In winter, it is worth having a thermal mug in the cabin, thanks to which you can enjoy a hot drink for even a few hours and you do not have to constantly brew it or stop at a gas station to buy coffee or tea. The mug must of course be very airtight. Probably no one would like to have boiling water on their feet in case of sudden braking.

3. Drivers: Nice during a stop, which is a decent laptop

Every driver needs a bit of relaxation, so it is worth investing in a good-quality laptop to watch an interesting movie or play a computer game during long stops. It will certainly be more comfortable compared to the phone. You have to remember about the charger for both items. It is also worth taking a power bank on a trip, after all, there will not always be access to an electrical outlet.

4. Drivers: Clean in the cabin, that is accessories to keep order

The new trucks will not perform well when shipping documents and driver’s documents are lying loose in the entire cabin. It is easy to accidentally destroy them this way, so every decent truck driver should take care of appropriate folders to keep all documents safe. This also makes it easier to find them when needed.

It is also easy to scatter something during a long drive, crumbs and other rubbish appear. It is hard to breathe in the dirt and the comfort of driving is noticeably reduced, so each truck cabin should contain a small car vacuum cleaner that will not take up much space and will allow you to quickly clean up the dirt. You can also use sealed foil bags for various waste.

5.Drivers: Conveniently and comfortably, that is, various necessary accessories

Certainly, the equipment of the truck should be carefully considered in order to be prepared for virtually any event. Better not to forget your sunglasses and in winter a glass scraper. When going abroad, you need to remember about the first aid kit, which is a required element in many countries, just like the reflective vest. Protective gloves may also come in handy.