Fence price: what budget should you plan?

Fence price: what budget should you plan?

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The fence is the most economical and quick solution for fencing and securing your land. What is the price of a wire mesh? What are the prices depending on the type of wire mesh fence (flexible, rigid, welded, or not)? While you will have to pay between 24 and 64 $ per linear meter if you call on a professional, also find out what are the additional costs to be expected to help you to estimate the best budget necessary for the realization of your work!

Fencing a lot is not easy! Entrust the work to a professional if you do not feel capable of it!

What is the price of a wire mesh? According to the type of material

There are several types of wire mesh for varying budgets. The most affordable is the flexible mesh, but it turns out not to be solid over time. The most expensive but the most durable is clearly the rigid wire mesh. Depending on your needs, you also have specific fences to prevent your dog from digging up plants in your garden or causing panic in your vegetable garden :

Wire mesh typeAverage price per linear meter (excluding installation)
Classic flexible wire mesh (on a roll)between 8 and 32 $
Welded flexible mesh (in the roll)between 4 and 24 $
Rigid wire meshbetween 32 and 72 $
Plastic meshbetween 8 and 32 $
Wire mesh for animalsbetween 4 and 19 $

Know that DIY superstores offer ready-to-install mesh kits to make your job easier! The average price of a wire mesh kit for 10 meters of the fence with a height of 1.5 meters is about 300 $ or about 35 $ per linear meter.

Price of a flexible wire mesh: the most economical solution

Fencing your property with flexible wire mesh is the most accessible solution. Sold by 10, 20, or 25 meters long, the netting can be of different heights: from 1 to 2 meters in height. There are of course fences whose height is greater than 2 meters, but it will be necessary to pay the price.

The price of the wire mesh roll depends on the type of wire mesh and its mesh. When choosing your mesh, you will notice that there are different sizes and shapes of mesh, which affect the stiffness and strength of the mesh (the tighter the mesh, the stronger the mesh):

  • single twist wire mesh : it is the most economical, but also the least rigid. It is installed with wires and tension bars, and with the help of tensioners. A roll of 20 meters in length and 1.20 in height, with an average mesh (50 x 500) costs between 30 and 50 dollars depending on the brand;
  • welded wire mesh : this type of wire mesh is resistant and does not require a tension bar. The galvanized steel wires are welded together and provide good rigidity. A roll of 20 meters in length and 1.20 meters in height, with an average mesh (100 x 63) costs between 50 and 70 dollars depending on the brand.

Price of a rigid mesh: more robust but expensive 

The mesh panels are rigid and undeformable. This fencing system is more expensive than roll wire mesh but provides greater strength and protection. The welded mesh panels are fixed between two posts.

They are available, like the wire mesh on a roll, in different heights, ranging from 60 centimeters to 2 meters in height.

The length of the panels varies significantly depending on the brand, but they are between 1.50 and 3 meters on average.

The price of a panel depends on its length but also on its height. For a panel with a height of 1.20 meters, count around thirty dollars on average. To the panels, add the posts  (see below), the average price of which varies between 15 and 30 dollars per unit (for a height of 1.20 meters), to which must be added the cost of sealing the posts in the ground (foundation, base).

What is the cost of installing a wire mesh? 

The price for installing a fence by a professional ( landscaper or mason ) is between 24 and 48 $ per linear meter for a flexible mesh and between 32 and 64 $ per linear meter for a rigid mesh.

Note that the cost of labor will also vary depending on the accessibility of your land. If your land is sloping, for example, the installation of the fence will be more complex and will require more time for the professional.

Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes! The price may vary from one craftsman to another!

What additional costs are to be expected?

In parallel with the purchase price and installation of your chain link fence, additional charges related to certain essential additions are to integrate into the budget of your work and should be mentioned in the quotation of the selected craftsman.

In order for your posts to be strong enough, they must be sealed when pouring concrete studs or be integrated into fixing plates screwed directly into the ground. A fence can therefore be placed on the ground or installed on a base plate, like a  low stone,  concrete, or concrete wall. In total, the creation of this base will cost you on average between 224 and 448 $ per linear meter.

For the realization of a rigid mesh, a post will have to be put in place on each side of the fence panel. There are two types of posts:

  1. Notched posts  : thanks to its quick fastening system, all you have to do is insert the mesh into the notches on the post provided for this purpose to use a rigid panel fence. While the price will depend on its height, color and material chosen (galvanized steel …), count on average between 24 and 48 $ per unit .
  2. round posts  or posts with clamps : less expensive, they are easy to install, thanks to their clamping system which allows posts and panels to be assembled. When buying, they will cost you on average between $ 17 and $ 38 per post .

Depending on the typicity of your land, the installation of a   mesh gate is another development likely to see the final cost of your work increase? Its price varies according to the material (aluminum, PVC, wood …) and the opening system (electric or manual) chosen. To equip yourself with a wire gate, count between 192 and 801 $.

On the other hand, to preserve your privacy as much as possible, you can also invest in screening panels  (in wood, PVC, etc.), in various sizes and colors, which will cover the surface of your mesh fence. For these decorative accessories, both insulating and protective (from the wind, pests …), you will have to pay between 32 and 144 $ for a roll of 2.50 to 5 meters.

Wooden screening panels, to dress a mesh fence

Within the framework of the installation of a dividing fencea  demarcation of the ground will be necessary in order to delimit perfectly your property and that of your neighbor. This operation, which can be done amicably (common ground must be found between the two parties), will generally cost you between 721 and 1924 $ if you call in a professional. 

In the event that this fence is required to separate two contiguous plots, you and your neighbor  (or even your owner) will have to divide the costs incurred by the work and maintenance, whether you are a tenant or owner of the accommodation you occupy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a chain link fence?

Installing a wire mesh fence at home has many advantages but also some disadvantages:


  • good value for money compared to more expensive concrete or stone fences;
  • easy installation;
  • strong and durable;
  • reinforces the security of a home, more particularly rigid wire fences,
    by greatly limiting the risk of intrusions;
  • perfectly delimits a house and can facilitate the development of a garden;
  • no maintenance required.


  • sometimes limited choice in terms of models;
  • less aesthetic solution than a fence made of wood , stone or wrought iron ;
  • to preserve the privacy of a home and to protect itself, a mesh fence must be accompanied by screening panels or a plant hedge , appreciated for its blackout power;
  • it can be degraded quite easily, or even cut with pliers by malicious people.

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