Motorcycle: Choose your first bike

Motorcycle: Choose your first bike

December 25, 2020 Off By Rob Prosser

The popularity of motorcycle driving in Australia is growing. Smaller and more maneuverable than a car, this vehicle feels great on city streets and costs less.

The increased interest in motorcycles makes the question especially relevant: “How to choose your first motorcycle? Which motorcycle should a beginner choose? ” Here are some tips from experienced drivers and expert advice to help you make the right choice. In this article, you will find a list of 15 models that, according to experts, will become worthy contenders for the place of your first iron “horse”.

Motorcycle advantages

Bikes have a number of significant advantages that underlie the high popularity of this vehicle.

  • The compactness of the motorcycle makes it easy to maneuver on it in a dense stream of cars on the streets of a metropolis, eliminating the need to stand in long-term traffic jams.
  • The motorcycle is easier to park and requires much less space than a car.
  • When riding a motorcycle, you can feel real drive and experience the feeling of flying.
  • A bike requires less purchase and maintenance costs than a car of the same class.
  • Motorcycles look stylish and help create the image of a modern, dynamic person who likes to move towards their goal.

Choosing a motorcycle

When choosing your first motorcycle, you should first decide what you need it for. Will you only drive it in the city, or are you planning to make country trips?

If you intend to use the bike on city streets on a daily basis, it is better to choose a scooter with a small engine displacement. And if you drive on asphalt roads to other cities or towns, choose lined (hood) models. Are you planning frequent off-road trips, for example, to the country house? Long travel suspension version.

Motorcycle classes

Then experts recommend deciding on the class of the motorcycle, and for this, study the characteristics of each and decide if this is right for you.


A good option for city driving. They are distinguished by their small size, economy, and the presence of a trunk. Most of the models are equipped with a variator, which simplifies the control process. As the first two-wheeled vehicle, the scooter can rightfully take one of the first places.


Considered among experts as the most suitable for beginners. The good ergonomics of the seat speak in favor of this choice, which will help to quickly develop the correct fit, as well as ease of control. This makes it easier for novice motorcyclists. It is convenient to ride on road motorcycles both in the city and on the highway, for which they received the epithet “universal”.


They have impressive dimensions and feel best on a country road with good coverage. The free landing, low maneuverability, and considerable weight of such models can create certain difficulties for a beginner.

Sports motorcycles (sportbikes)

Designed for track riding. This option is hardly suitable for a beginner. Lack of experience creates a hazard when driving around the city in such a fast vehicle. The risk of losing control is too high.

All-terrain motorcycles

Equipped with a long-travel suspension, which opens up unlimited freedom of movement for the owner. However, the high maneuverability is compensated by the reduced cruising speed, increased windage and a small tank volume. If you choose such a motorcycle to start riding, then it is worth stopping at dual-purpose models. Cross and enduro are not a suitable option if you intend to ride in the city, and not just on the tracks.

Touring motorcycles

They are divided into three main groups – luxury, sports and tourist and all-terrain. The first ones allow you to feel comfortable and are equipped with a large trunk and weight, due to which they maintain stability well when driving in a straight line. However, such models are quite expensive. Touring sports have a powerful engine, comfortable fit and an even higher price tag. All-terrain vehicles have increased suspension travel and ground clearance, and they have an impressive weight. In general, such models are not the best option for a beginner, but there may be exceptions.

What to look for when choosing?

There are several points that deserve your close attention when choosing your first motorcycle.

  • Cost. It is unwise to spend a significant amount of money on the very first motorcycle on which you plan to develop driving experience. You should also not purchase models that require significant maintenance and spare parts costs.
  • Cubature. Experts recommend choosing the first model with an engine that does not exceed 400 cc. This is important because, like your first bike, the first bike is designed to help you develop your initial driving skills.
  • Controllability. An important metric for the first motorcycle is ease of handling. Until you have enough experience, it is worth choosing models that are easy to maneuver. The best option is a model with a small engine volume and maximum controllability.
  • Weight. There is an opinion that the heavier the bike, the more difficult it is to drive. However, experts say that weight is not the only factor that affects handling. The location of the center of gravity is of great importance: the lower it is, the easier it is to hold the motorcycle around corners.
  • Saddle height. This figure should correspond to the growth of the future motorcycle owner. For people of short stature, it is better to choose models with a small height.
  • Landing. Make it as comfortable as possible. From this point of view, it is better to choose the scooters and road bikes. But sportbikes are not a suitable option.

What to look for when buying from hand?

There are several points that experts recommend paying attention to.

  • The year of manufacture of the motorcycle on the brake hose, discs, and in the documents must be the same.
  • An external examination should not show traces of welding, scratches, and dents.
  • Chains and sprockets must be intact.
  • When pushing down on the seat, there should be no traces of grease on the asphalt.
  • The gas tank must be free of rust.
  • Rubber must be of high quality and intact.
  • When starting, the engine should start from the second time, no more; and its sound should be smooth, not interrupted.

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