Moving: Materials for packing property

Moving: Materials for packing property

March 26, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

The most important part of moving is “resource planning”. You will need packaging for items and furniture, transport for their transportation, the help of special services, and if you do not involve a moving company in your work, support from friends and acquaintances. Below you will find our tips and tricks to help you organize all the resources you need to move quickly and efficiently.

Careful packing of things using quality materials is a prerequisite for their safety during loading and unloading operations and transportation to a new apartment. So that you can choose the best packaging option, it is important to understand the purpose, as well as the pros and cons of the most popular types of packaging materials.

  • Stretch film. It is elastic and easily stretchable, thanks to which it tightly wraps around furniture, appliances, personal items, protecting them from getting wet and dirty. However, the film does not protect property from damage when dropped, bumped, it is easy to tear it with sharp corners. It will not protect expensive furniture, fragile porcelain and is mainly used as an additional outer layer on solid boxes.
  • Bags. Perhaps the most affordable type of packaging sold in regular supermarkets. When folded, they are compact, weigh very little, and are relatively inexpensive. However, it is inconvenient to pack items in bags – because of the soft shape, it is impossible to put everything in the correct order. This container is only suitable for bulky clothing or stuffed toys, and other items can breakthrough. The weight in the bags is distributed unevenly, therefore, with the declared 25-30 kg, they can withstand no more than 15 kg. Items in them are not protected from damage due to shock or friction. The bags are inconvenient to carry and place in the car body during transportation. Another drawback is the complexity of the labeling.
  • Boxes. The most suitable packaging, which, although it costs more than bags, protects the contents from impacts, scratches. Things in them can be neatly laid out, and the container itself can be marked. You need to choose specialized boxes for moving. They are made from durable, multi-layered technical cardboard, and they withstand transport and transfer, unlike conventional storage boxes.

You can buy packaging materials at home improvement stores, home improvement stores, or moving companies. Of course, the last option is the most optimal. For example, Delicate Moving offers packaging in several formats and sizes. Indeed, when moving, you will need boxes for packing large-sized items, office equipment, small boxes for small things, wardrobe models for clothes on “hangers” with clothes, etc. You can calculate how many you need using a special online calculator.

Do not forget – you need to protect the decoration of the premises (especially doorways), as well as the ends of the furniture when taking out and entering a new apartment. For this, there are profiles and corners. You will need a clerical knife or another cutting tool to unpack it.

Transport for transporting things

If you are organizing the move yourself, make an agreement in advance with the transport company that will provide the car. It is important to choose a car with a cargo compartment large enough to fit all your belongings, but not too spacious so that you do not overpay for the extra volume.

When choosing a transport, the following factors should be considered:

  • driveways for cars at both addresses – barriers, underground parking lots, arches, and other structures can impose restrictions on the height of the body and, accordingly, the type of car;
  • the size of furniture and large items – the height of the van depends on them; and for equipment and property that is allowed to be transported only vertically (these include refrigerators, for example), add from 10 cm of “stock”;
  • The tented Gazelles, which have gained great popularity, are highly discouraged for use at level crossings! They will not protect your property from moisture, dust, and most importantly – mechanical damage during transportation. Be sure to make sure that the van of the car you have chosen is equipped with fasteners (fixing straps) for safe transportation;
  • when loading heavy, bulky items weighing 100 kg or more, it is convenient to use a car with a tail lift – a kind of “lift”;
  • after loading, the van of the car must be sealed – be present during the procedure and when signing the documents, check whether the seal number is indicated in them so as not to run into trouble.

Pay attention to all these details when choosing your transport. If you are not sure that you yourself will be able to determine the type of transport you need, the volume of the body and calculate the exact operating time of the car, contact the managers of a professional moving company. Prepare as detailed a description of the task as possible – a complete list of things and conditions for the work. Employees of the moving company will pick up the cars and tell you what they should be like. The support of the moving service is also beneficial because the company bears financial responsibility for the property when moving and its employees closely monitor the safety of your property.

Moving assistants

It is extremely difficult to organize the move solely on your own. If you contact a moving service, its staff will help you. Otherwise, you will need the support of acquaintances, relatives, friends. Make a list of people who can help you collect and move your belongings. Ask your loved ones exactly if they agree, if they have time on the appointed day – you may need to postpone the move to another date. Think about how you will act in force majeure situations if the assistants suddenly cannot come, refuse, get sick – make up a “plan B” for yourself.

If you are not applying to a moving company, which provides comprehensive support when moving, but to ordinary loaders, approach their choice as responsibly as possible. Illegal carriers are dangerous not only with dubious skills, but also with the risk of theft and damage to things. Having chosen a contractor, make sure that he provides the necessary guarantees: a contract will be concluded, the financial responsibility of the contractor will be indicated, you will receive shipping and transport bills in your hands, with which the property is officially accepted for transportation.

In addition to movers, you may need cleaners to help clean the house after moving or prepare a new place of residence for moving in, computer foremen, Internet service providers, etc. It is worth writing out separately the contacts of a proven ready-made food delivery service – in case you do not have time for cooking in the first few days.


To make the move involve less discomfort, collect and pack the essentials in advance, mark the boxes with them with different markings. Make sure they are loaded into the vehicle last. So when unloading, they will be available first of all, and you will not experience any inconvenience. Make the inscriptions on the boxes as clear as possible, sort things by purpose, belongings to family members. We wrote in detail about those things and subjects that you may need for the first time after moving, in one of our articles.


To make the move easier, try to determine in advance which support you will use and which moving company you prefer. It depends on the choice of a partner whether your things will be protected, how much trouble awaits you, whether you will receive guarantees.