Truck: 6 tips for buying a second-hand

Truck: 6 tips for buying a second-hand

May 16, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Have you recently obtained the title of transporter and want to buy a truck? If so, pay attention to this article. From Chris Shilling Transport Training we want to give you some tips to buy a second-hand truck safely, in order to avoid you coming across a ‘surprise’.

1. Year of the truck

Before buying a used truck it is very important that you know what year it is. Normally it is recommended to buy a used of 6 years maximum from its registration. This advice that we give you is suitable for buying any vehicle, because depending on the age of the vehicle, surely, you will face more or fewer repairs.

2. Mileage

If the age, it was important, the mileage… much more! It must be taken into account that it is one of the most relevant aspects before buying since normally the mileage is what will determine the duration of the transport vehicle. The recommended mileage is between 300,000 and 600,000 km at most. As you can see, the mileage is much higher than that of other vehicles, such as cars.

3. Inspect the truck

If you are not trained to inspect the truck properly, take it to a specialized workshop. Before buying, you must make sure that the brakes work properly, that there are no leaks of any kind, that the axles are in good condition, and that there is no internal damage. Find out what repairs have had and which ones you will need to do if you finally buy them.

4. The finishes

Don’t forget that the finishes on a truck are not important. It does not matter that it has some scratches, that you do not like the paint, and so on. Everything is sure to be easy to fix! Many times the exterior is not good and yet the interior is amazing, and vice versa. So remember that the finishes should not divert your attention from what is important.

5. Budget

Buying a used is an investment for your business, so you must be clear about your budget and not overreach. It is very important that you adjust as much as possible to ‘get off to a good start, especially if you are self-employed or just starting your business.

6. Spend time

Yes, as you hear it. Take the time to look at and compare. Do a mini-market study to see what trucks you can buy with your budget, in what condition those trucks are, what year they are, what their mileage is, and so on. Once you have looked at several … decide for the best and, above all, for the one that gives you guarantees!

There are many things to consider when buying a second-hand truck. Any old beater from the nineties might seem like an attractive buy, but you’re better off looking for something that fits your needs and can last at least five years without breaking down in costly repairs–or worse!

A little maintenance up front will get you much further than putting together some temporary fix after every breakdown or disaster. For example: Make sure not just one of the tires is balding; keep all fluids up to date (oil changes, transmission fluid change); check belts and hoses regularly; do routine inspections on air filters, wipers/washers, etc.; replace wiper blades if necessary…the list goes on.

Be sure to check the tires. If they are low, or if there is any visible damage on them then you should not purchase this truck because it will be difficult for you to drive in case of an emergency with bad brakes. You also need to inspect whether all four doors close properly and that none have been violated by previous owners who might want revenge against people like us (people looking at second-hand trucks).

From Chris Shilling Transport Training, we hope that these tips for buying a truck will help you acquire the best truck to start working. And remember that if you have not yet obtained the truck license you can do it in our academy.