Vehicle Graphic Design: How to become a car designer?

Vehicle Graphic Design: How to become a car designer?

November 30, 2020 Off By Rob Prosser

Automotive designers are industrial designers who combine art and engineering to create innovative vehicles (cars, yachts, motorcycles, etc.) with improved functionality and a modern look. In addition, their designs must ensure the safety of the car and comply with regulations, while remaining a beautiful and convenient product that attracts the consumer. We will tell you how to become a Vehicle Graphic Design and where to get specialized education.

Get an industrial designer education

Quality education is the key to a successful career as a vehicle graphic design. Most employers are looking for creative people with technical skills and specialized backgrounds who can integrate them into the design.

To begin with, you need to get a specialized education in the Bachelor’s program “Industrial Design”, during which you will master modern methods of design and modeling. And besides, you will get acquainted with the history of design, learn how to develop a product concept, delve into the production process, get acquainted with materials and their properties.

But, in order to become a high-level professional, you need to continue training in vehicle graphic design.

Complete the Master’s Degree Program in Automotive Design

To increase your competence, professionalism, and competitiveness, complete one of the highly specialized programs. The Marangoni Design Institute has been training specialists in this area for many years in the Master of Automotive Design program. As part of the course, students study the theory of automotive design and luxury vehicle interior design, master 2-D and 3-D modeling programs, and learn to draw freehand sketches and translate them into digital media. The training is based on regular hands-on sessions, workshops, and joint projects with car manufacturers.

During their studies, students begin to form a portfolio, which also includes their graduation work.

Create a professional portfolio of vehicle graphic design

In order to get a job or get an internship, you need to provide a portfolio. It should showcase your creativity, innovation, and awareness of the contemporary looks and design styles used by the largest car companies. Employers expect the new car designer’s style to blend in with their brands. Therefore, in addition to student projects, your portfolio should contain examples of car design for well-known manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, and others.

Do not forget to constantly replenish your portfolio with new interesting works as you grow professionally in vehicle graphic design.

Take an internship of vehicle graphic design

An internship is a great opportunity to gain valuable industry experience as well as professional contacts. Unfortunately, most internships are not paid, but if you prove yourself to be a good person who is ready to give 100% and has the necessary knowledge, it is quite possible to get a position in the car design team at the end of the internship.

In addition, you will be able to build professional relationships with colleagues, mentors, mentors, and other interns, which will greatly expand your opportunities for building a successful career.

Get work experience

Graduates of the MA in Automotive Design have the opportunity to work in their specialty in car manufacturing companies and studios specializing in automotive design. And while the industry’s labor market will only grow 4% in the coming years, there will be a need for innovative-minded vehicle graphic design.

As a beginner, pay attention to large international corporations, for example, General Motors, Ford, Honda, or Fiat, where a whole team of designers and engineers work on the creation of cars. This way you can better get to know the specifics of the industry in general and a particular brand in particular.

And remember, a prestigious education, love of design, cars and the desire for creative realization will allow you to build a successful career as a designer of modern vehicles!

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